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***Private courses (One-on-one)***

Courses Quantity
(per person/per Courses)
One-on-one 30 hour 39,600 baht
One-on-one 50 hour 59,400 baht
One-on-one 100 hour 99,999 baht
One-on-one Unlimited 359,999 baht

1.Private tuition includes one on one instruction. This includes one on one study with a teacher who will dedicate 100% of their attention to the student.

Teachers will give special attention to pronounciation. Our teachers will try their best to help the student think in english rather than mere translation from Thai to English and vice versa.

2.One-to-one lessons can be schedules for one day.

Private tuition for private students

Quantity Price
(per person)
1 person 59,400 baht (50 hour)
2 person 39,400 baht 38,200 baht
3 person 36,900 baht 28,300 baht
4 person 32,500 baht 23,350 baht
5 person 30,500 baht 21,380 baht
6 person 28,500 baht 19,400 baht
7 person 26,500 baht 18,999 baht

40 hour


Private lessons are available to students who want to study one on one or with a friend. Keep in mind that group members may have different English abilities.
*Private tuition fees are much higher than group lesson fees.

Guru English School is one of the fastest-growing private English schools in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. We pride ourselves in having an exceptional staff of highly-educated Native English Speakers from around the world, including The United Kingdom and The United States. We work very hard with the students, not only to develop verbal fluency, but also finely tune their accents to sound more like a native speaker.







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